How to rent a property

Como alquilar una vivienda en Castelldefelt

Rental leases are governed by the LAU (Urban Leasing Law). Currently their duration is 5 years if the rental is by a private Landlord, and 7 years if it is a company.


RESERVATION: Have you found the home you would like to rent? Then it is time to make the reservation. What documentation must be presented to rent a home?

1. Identity document
- DNI or NIE of the person who is going to sign A foreigner who does not yet have the NIE can provisionally sign with the passport and provide the NIE once obtained.

2. Financial information
- If you work for a company, delivery of the last 3 payroll and the employment contract.
- If you are self-employed, the last 2 personal income tax returns as well as the last income statement


Once the landlord/lady has given his/her approval, the reservation is formalized with a document signed by both parties and with a deposit of 1 month on account of 1 deposit. This amount will be deducted from the total amount at the signature.


SIGNING THE RENTAL LEASE: At the signature of the rental lease, the new tenant will make the following payments:
- The amount of the first rental.
- The amount of the guarantees and guarantee agreed.
- The Real Estate Agency Commission.


IF YOU ARE THE OWNER AND YOU WANT TO RENT YOUR HOME: In order to commercialize your rental home, you must provide:

- The signed intermediation authorization contract.
- The Certificate of Habitability.
- The Energy Certificate (if you do not have it we can help you).
- If possible the title deed of the property or a part of it.
- Plan of the house if you have it. It facilitates tenants in their installation in the house and with the placement of their furniture.
- Copy of the last receipts of the supplies so that the change of name or direct debit can be made.



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